Friday, July 31, 2009

Look, Look! Our New Favorite Book!

Just the other day, my youngest son grabbed this book off our bookshelf, toddled it over to me, and, in his little baby way (a series of earnest grunts) insisted that I read it to him. Look, Look! is perfect for even the littlest munchkins with it's bold illustrations, simple text, and high contrast pages in black, white, and red. It's definitely a favorite in our house.

For a look at "Look, Look!", look here.

Flower Pressing

I had a flower press when I was a kid. From time to time, I'd unscrew the knobs and look through the different layers to see all the paper thin memories from summers' past. Many of the flowers and leaves that I'd pressed were from my neighborhood walks and from my backyard. This year, my oldest son and I plan to press some flowers from our backyard garden.

If you's like to press flowers with your child, you will need:
*tissue or blotting paper (construction paper can also work)
*large, heavy books for pressing
*an assortment of flowers and leaves

Lay a sheet of tissue paper over a piece of cardboard. Arrange your flowers and leaves on the tissue. It's also fun to include a small note tucked in with the flowers detailing where they came from to help your child remember what you collected and why. Cover with another sheet of tissue paper, a piece of cardboard and a very heavy book (or two). Leave pressed for at least two weeks and up to six months. The longer the press, the better the preservation.

Safer Children's Sunscreens, Just in Time for Summer

Both my boys have inherited their mother's sensitive skin issues so I've been on the hunt for safer sunscreens that work on their skin without harmful chemicals. Check out Safemama's Sunscreen Cheat Sheet to find a list of safer sun options for your little one (and yourself).

Blog Love

I just love, love this blog and thought I would share it. Check out --a blog devoted to eco-friendly design for the next generation. I always find great product and design ideas for children and feel especially inspired by their commitment to sustainability.

Blocks and Books all Rolled into One

Dylan, my ten month old, has recently discovered the colorful box sitting on the playroom bookshelf. Inside there are 26 little board books representing each letter of the alphabet. The books are perfectly sized for little hands and can be stacked, grabbed, and chewed, in addition to being read. Check out ABC Block Books for your little one.

Goody Bags for...Well, Goodies!

These bags are perfect for small treats or used as an alternative to paper gift wrap. They're also reusable and super easy to make!

You will need:.

*Fabric and ribbon scraps
*A sewing machine (unless you want to spend hours sewing by hand)
*Pinking shears

Cut two pieces of fabric in a rectangle size of your choice. (I made a variety of sizes but began with a 6"x 9"). Place them print side in and stitch around three sides leaving one side open. Turn the bag right side out and finish by cutting the top edge with pinking shears for a fun and easy finish. Fill and tie with a ribbon. Voila!