Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Favorite Resource for Kid Crafts

I am creative. I am crafty. I also spent years in my former, pre-mama life as an elementary school teacher. Despite all this, I still seem to find that I need inspiration for projects and activities to do with my little guys. Crafty Crow to the rescue. I just stumbled on a wonderful blog for child craft projects that has so many lovely, inspiring ideas I can hardly stand it! The Crafty Crow has a huge archive of projects and so many different categories (age, event, medium just to name a few), you are bound to find something perfect for everyone. I also love that there are projects for even the littlest of hands. (Plus they have awesome giveaways.) Check them out!

P.S. --I know I've been absolutely terrible about updating this blog. I've got lots of posts from recent plum tot newsletters to add and some great post ideas that have just not made their way here...yet. Check back soon. They'll be here-I promise.

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