Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Local U-Pick Produce

Tis' the season for fresh fruit and veggies. This year, try doing some of your shopping at a local farm. And if you're up for it, try picking the produce yourself. It's a fun outing for the whole family and it's often much cheaper to pick your own fruits and vegetables. Many farms also sell already picked produce at cheaper than grocery prices so you can pick what's in the fields and still buy a wide variety of produce. Some local farms in your area may also be organic. If you're not sure, ask the farmer about their farming practices. Often, small farms have not gone through the arduous process of having their farm certified as organic but practice sustainable farming nonetheless.
Go to to find local farms in your area. This website also has picking tips, canning recipes, and lots of extra information to help you find resources wherever you live.

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