Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TP Roll Fun!

Here are some fun and easy activities using toilet paper rolls (and other household items):

*Create art.
Have your child dip the ends of tp rolls into different colored paints and press them onto construction paper or recycled newspaper, creating "circle" art.

*Make a bird feeder.
With your child, take a tp roll, roll it in peanut butter and bird seed, then hang it in a tree in your yard. You and your child can watch the birds come to feed.

*Make a musical instrument.
Tape one end of the tube with masking tape, fill the tube about 1/3 full of dry rice, lentils, or beans. Tape the other end shut, then decorate and rock out!

*Set up a creation station.
Give your child an assortment of household items (tp rolls, cardboard boxes, empty yogurt containers, string, etc.), tape, and markers or crayons. Give them free reign to create whatever they want.

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